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A good story

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

People will be talking about the Highland Heritage Woodworks design you've chosen, or are thinking of choosing, for years.

That's because you will know the whole story. Anything that has a story, a good story, will be remembered and cherished. The story might have simply started with the investment you make but at HHW it will go back before then, back to a fallen elm on Braham Farm (link to wood resourcing story) or the dismantling of a whisky distillery outbuilding. Your choice is where you come in to that story making it unique to you.

Why will the story be good? Because it will always be one of sustainability, recovery or repurposing of our limited resources, one that fits with the narrative of improving our relationship with our planet. It will also be about craft and building for future generations with passion and attention to detail.

Your choices will personalise the story to you and your family and that's why your involvement in the process is valued. Like working with the character of a centuries old yew (link to insert story) your requirements and ideas are important to the process and at HHW, these are literally built in.

Man in hard hat using a chainsaw to trim a large elm log
HHW founder Guy Phillips salvaging a fallen elm

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