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Building the Glen Lyon, specially for Yew

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The owner of this Glen Lyon chose a Yew insert in an oak build. Aside from glue and finishing oils there are no other materials in the Glen Lyon, it's a masterpiece of classic joinery with wedged joints that enable you to assemble it in your own home.

Melding the oak with the yew... you can read more about this part of the process [link to yew insert] but here you can see yew insert incased in the oak panels which is then backed so the table top has uniform thickness and strength.

Mortised joints are created for the table ends and a matching pair of legs, the quality of fit will provide the strength to survive generations of use.

An elegant wedge holds the table firmly together and makes it manageable for shipping and future moves. The Glen Lyon is part of the HHW bespoke range [link]

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