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How to create a show-stopping centrepiece

Updated: May 2, 2021

This might not look like treasure but there's a jewel hidden beneath years of grime and you can follow the transformation into the show-stopping centrepiece of a Glen Lyon table.

A big part of the skill within the Highland Heritage Woodworks team is talent spotting. Many might not imagine something that has been lying on a barn floor could translate so well into something your family could gather around for a stunning meal. These images reveal a little of the process.

The beauty in the grain and structural patterns in this 300 year old yew section are revealed by planing and a flowing edge defined to make the best use of the timber. The edge line is transferred onto a template to ensure an accurate fit and both the solid oak of the Glen Lyon table top and the Yew are milled carefully by hand.

The shapes are married and glued and with the rest of the table in place, sanded by hand to get the seamless-to-touch finish. Danish oil brings out the natural drama and warmth of the grains and leaves a silky but durable satin sheen. Take a look at how the rest of the table was crafted.

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