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Vacuum kiln: specialist drying for durability and quality

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The Highland Heritage Woodworks vacuum kiln has arrived, ensuring the quality and durability of your designer wooden furniture and increasing speed and access to timber for your lifestyle buildings.

The Woodworks now utilises a vacuum kiln drying process to prevent moisture in the timber we use from affecting the final quality and longevity of our products. A vacuum kiln also vastly speeds drying processes to minimise turnaround for example building with recently sourced timber or incorporating timber from your own property.

Any timber, even properly kiln or air dried, will still retain significant moisture that could introduce irregularities from warping or allow infestation from woodworm for example.

WIth its ultra low moisture content, vacuum kiln treated timber is free form woodworm and retains shape and finishes in a way that can't be otherwise matched for quality and durability. Your investment in our craftsmanship is afforded the extra protection this process offers for piece-of-mind, with our work holding its value for generations to come.

A forklift loader lifts the huge cylindrical form of the vacuum kiln off a truck.
Unloading The Woodworks new vacuum kiln, an exciting moment!

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