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Why pay for craftsmanship and heritage?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

There are many reasons why we should pay for craftsmanship and heritage in our household furnishings and any addition to our homes, like pedigree in show animals or a fine whisky there's recognition of quality and tradition but importantly there is protection of the breed. To keep beautifully crafted products sustainable, they need to have recognisable value, so they are cherished and maintained, and their components need to have proven heritage whether through the use of recycled timbers or trees of known provenance sourced locally.

All this is easy if your pockets are deep enough.

But what you have discovered here with Highland Heritage Woodworks is a team of guild master craftsmen who uniquely have control over the entire process with every product from sourcing timber and milling, to design and build. With this complete control of materials and build, your new feature piece comes with its own story of sustainability and passion as added value.

Take a look at how it works.

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